Sillery Gaon Sunrise

I recently took a trip in the serene lands of North Bengal, Sillery Gaon from Kalingpong and Darjeeling to be precise. These places are hidden treasures of Bengal and bored with the monotonous life I and my friend wanted to be away from the city buzz for sometime. As soon as we boarded the train we met a man. He was also on the same trip but was travelling alone; both tried to start a conversation but to no avail.

One fine morning my friend couldn’t wake up early enough so I went to a cafe and I was sitting at one corner enjoying a cup of steamy Darjeeling Tea and was just enjoying the view. The mystery man was sitting on the opposite table and he was writing something in his diary. I tried to take a peek but his disputed gaze made me uncomfortable. Then, suddenly he saw his watch and packed haphazardly and stormed, leaving behind his diary in the process. The diary had no name and I tried calling him many times but he left in a hurry. Out of curiosity, in order to find his name, I opened the diary and was surprised by what followed next.


Sillery Gaon Sunrise:

The Early sunlight kissing the top of the mountain and then slowly coming down was like the sun making love to the mountains and the mountains glowing with each and every progression of the gentle touch of the sun. Oh! a beauty it was the gentle soft ice on the hill top slowly shakes, the cheeks turns red with each and every passing hue. One of the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen. The beauty of the scene has its own explanation which can’t be written, it’s a beauty which can only be felt. The transition of the red cheeks to the golden gleam is such a wonderful sight that pleases the eyes and makes me question from where did the creator, the supreme being come up with such ideas. The creator and its creations are all wonderful which the artists amplify through the words they write, the pictures they draw. The inner beauty of each and everything which the creator created is a huge example of the creativity the supreme holds. The, sight so satisfying made me realise how fortunate I am. With each and every sunrise and the passing I’m glad that I mature seeing the creativity of the creator.


Lamahatta forest:


Beneath the woods which touch the sky, the majestic beauty which the strength defines, the beauty of the fog laden dark wood lies within, observing the emotion within the commotion. The tall, dark and handsome males gently protecting the little misses. The rocky terrain which defines the roughness, the gentle wind and this amazing woody smell which enhances my senses. Out of the two senses which I am devoid of, the other three makes my life worthwhile. Gifted with the ultimate silence, I’m lucky for whatever I see, which is just a wonderful fantasy.


Man Singing in Lamahatta:


With Long woods surrounding man, creating his own notes sitting beneath its age old creation. With brushing hands on the guitar strings and the madness which he reveals. The interaction between him and the nature amplifying the beauty of the soul’s creation. The man’s eyes painted such an amazing image which I could feel without being able to hear or speak; I still found my vision quiet amazing with each and every passing strings. The music could still feel my soul in this melancholy of the creator. My eyes glistening with the fog laden woods in which this man is beautifying the creation. Sometimes I do feel devoid but observing this beauty, I feel so enchanted.


Tiger Hill:


Again the same view of the sun kissing the mountain forehead but the beauty which it defines is another story. The colours which the sun shows – red, yellow, green and the rest showcases the beauty and enhances the different moods of human life. Life isn’t fair for everyone and the nature shows its course. If we see the smaller picture we’ll never understand that what we’re actually missing when we take a wider look. Now, when I see just the sunrise it’s not as majestic but when we see and feel it, we would observe the sunlight is the nature’s call, a mild signal to the people as well as the others. The sunlight slowly asks us to wake up and gives us the hope. These colours of the sun-rays prove that each and everyday of our lives aren’t the same.


There was written on the First page: “Trip 1 2017” and nothing else was written more. Now the idea was clear, why he didn’t respond, why he kept himself away from the crowd. After reading such beautiful renditions of the minor scenes which he made it magical by his words, though devoid of two of the major senses no one can stop him from travelling and exploring the beauty of mother nature. His writings were so inspiring that day I took a deeper look at myself and realised, “Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder”.


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