I Remember

I remember there was a time when we were not bothered about materialistic possessions. We were kids then. We did not know how bad the world was, only to be completely engaged in our own world of smallest requirements which meant a lot for us. Justice League Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Tom and Jerry were the best possible things that could uplift our spirits after a tiring day in school.

The custom of waking up early in the morning and getting ready for school was an ordeal which had to be done in order to catch the school bus in time. The fear of missing the school bus must have taken over us at some point or the other, making us aware of that eternally lurking evil. Having said that, then came our excitement for the day’s journey which we would eventually spend in school. That half an hour journey in the school bus was one of the most exciting times of our life because of the sheer fun that we had in doing all the zany activities possible that we cannot even imagine being done in a school bus. From singing songs to faking a fight to playing book cricket to discussing Pokemons and considering ourselves the worthy successor of that window seat. I remember getting down from the bus and asking the roadside shopkeeper about the new edition of the pokemon cards or the latest beyblade model only to be hurried by the security guard of the school.

The classrooms had its own charm which drew us without any repulsion for studies, just to sit amongst our closest of friends. The bell rang, the teacher came in but at that point of time he or she had no significance since the company made us forget that we are not at home. We were laughing our hearts out and the high walls and the large windows took us outside the atmosphere of mere acquisition of knowledge. It took us to the road where the cars honk, always in a hurry in this busy and fastidious world. Or often it took us to the green and lush of the grasses till our eyes meet the vastness of the firmament, the celestial beings flying high above our head. We run and run and run but we do not find peace until we locate a secluded spot. That becomes our palace for the next few moments and we are the ministers trying to keep it intact and functioning.

Finally, getting up from there we run towards the unknown, not knowing where we would end up but nevertheless not giving up on reaching our desired destination. I remember how colossal the field was and how everybody wanted to be in that field and sometimes enjoy the cool breeze coming on to us, caressing us gently like a lover. We embrace it with open arms but it does not stay for long, letting it go only to wait for it to come back.

Standing at the centre of the field, with clouds taking cover there is an eager anticipation for the first raindrop to come and rest on the palm. And then followed the downpour with a tremendous force, the sky looking down with an evil stare, as if we are to surrender to its might. But instead we enjoy it and the feel of the wet grass takes us into another expanse; getting drenched in the rains had never been so exhilarating and droplets of water were our gifts from nature which we considered a priced possession. The roads were water logged and people found it difficult to travel in those waters but braving the adversities of the dirt and filth, we went to the canteen. The rains had stopped and the bells rung, as if they worked in harmony and co-ordination. We came back to our classes and it came down to the monotony of the teacher coming in again and starting the lessons. Our minds were again distracted this time with restlessness of going back home. But it did not affect our energy and zeal in any which way so as to make the bus journey back to home dull.

Coming back to the place from where we started, our humble abode, the place called home, we rested ourselves after the ruckus of the long day. We knew we reached a place which stood for safety and protection. I remember switching on the TV after the lunch and watching the cartoons around which our worlds revolved. I remember not feeling the pressure of studies, earning money and taking the responsibilities that came my way. We had very little idea about what was going on around us and we hardly cared because no one told us to. It only mattered when we grew up and started getting a grasp of everything. I remember my world as confined to my locality, home, school and a few other places. But never did I realise that one day I have to let go of the comfort zone to tackle the difficult world outside.

I remember being a child, filled with innocence and unaware of the evils of life. I remember wanting to grow up and do things which could not have been done as a child. How I was prevented from doing certain things which were forbidden to us and violating those would lead to an unpleasant situation. But now after growing up, I think it is all futile to be able to do everything I want. That childhood was the best time to live in, that there were no inhibitions in terms of our needs. I cannot but remember those times.


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